My wife sent me this, and not like I needed it, but it was perfect confirmation that I married the right girl all those years ago. 

Anyway, I was born just up the road from Sting, not in the “I know him” kind of way, but in the “I know which street he lived on, and his Dad was the milkman for my Nanna and Grandad” kind of way. (As an aside, his brother owned a bar in Whitley Bay, and it was the location of my first underage drink purchase). So listening to all of this brought back a lot of memories for me growing up. 

I also was determined to get out, go see the world and do something different, and although I don’t have a mansion and a bunch of Grammies, I’ve been living in the US since ‘97 and am lucky enough to not worry about money as I know my parents did when I was a kid. 

Those shipyards ultimately took the life of my Grandad. Not in an immediate way, but he died the week after my 18th birthday from lung cancer he got when working with asbestos in the shipyards. And in a circle of life kind of way, the money the family got as compensation got me my first PC that got me through college, that got me my first job, that ultimately led to me coming over here to write a bunch of code. 

Reminiscing over - watch the video ;-)